Pietra Gray Marble

Pietra gray is one of the famous stones of Iranian mines. This stone with a dark gray background and white streaks has a strong attraction for minimalist and classic interior and exterior design. This beautiful stone is very strong and durable due to its high density. You can use it as a table, floor tiles or slabs in different spaces. Gray color matches any decoration, when the stone you want has this color, you can consider this beauty as the center point of the design and your decoration Match it. this marble has many different processes such as bush hammer, tumbler, data polishing, ax and cubic.

Special Weight
2.77 kg
Water Absorptione
0.42 %
0.44 %
Pushing Resistance
1266 kg

Pietra Gray Marble Block

Pietra gray Marble : Strong Marble and World Wide Famous

Pietra Gray Marble
Pietra Gray Marble
Pietra Gray Marble warehouse
Pietra Gray Marble

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