Sky Crystalline Marble

Sky Crystalline Marble is most beautiful marble with various patterns and veins. It has many vein colors like White, Gray, Gold, Green and Black, with these iconic properties this marble looks like a natural abstract painting. Sky Crystalline Marble is high in strongness which can use it as flooring in slab form. This marble 4-matchs is so amazing for using any façade and flooring. You can use by x or diamond pattern this marble for façade and flooring. If we want to offer you the special stone for unique building, we offer Sky Marble to you for many proposes, such as strongness, beautifulness and many other reasons.

Special Weight
2.74 kg
Water Absorptione
0.18 %
0.17 %
Pushing Resistance
1266 kg

Sky Marble Block

Sky Marble Block : Veins and Waves in Nature

Sky Crystalline Marble block
Sky Crystalline Marble block
Sky Crystalline Marble block

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