Marshal Marble

Marshal Is one of the luxurious marbles in world which have dark background and golden veins. You can find marshal marble in two sorts black marshal and golden marshal. Both of these sorts have same strongness and any other physical parameters but have differential between vein colors. In golden vein marashal you have gold, orange and yellow veins but in black marshal you have white, Gray and dark veins. You can use this marble as countertop, stairs, flooring slab and tiles and interior façade. This stone is famous marble in world and many designers from various countries love to design places with this marble, for this reason we produce this marble as block for factories because of our quarry ownership

Special Weight
2.70 kg
Water Absorptione
0.7 %
0.88 %
Pushing Resistance
1260 kg

Marshal Marble Block

Marshal Marble : Luxury Black and Gold

marshal marbel block
marshal marbel block
marshal marbel block
marshal marbel block

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